WorcesterThen: 1978


A View from Norfolk Street, 1978, looking northwesterly

Photo by WorcesterThen, 1978


Note the old fashioned box cars in the rail yard.  While some such cars are still in use, they are far less often used now, having been replaced by new sizes and shapes of cars, such as those used to carry motor vehicles, and by flat cars which carry containers or truck trailers.


Here are some questions to help get you engrossed in the picture, and maybe bring back some memories:

What church is that in the center of the picture, its back, with the apse, facing the camera? 

Near what street was the billboard with the cigarette ad (Winston Lights)?

What is the highway running left to right through the middle?

Locate the Commerce Building, originally known as the State Mutual Building (built 1895-96)?

The hip-roof building and connected buildings this side of the church… what is this complex now? And what is the current identity of the three-story building, only partially visible, to the right of the complex (lighter in appearance)?

What is now where the Krizik and Corrigan sign appears here?

The two similar but not identical four-story brick apartment buildings… what street are they facing? What is the street to the left of them, perpendicular to their street, with houses visible on the right side?

What is the hill in the upper-right, and what is the object at its top?


My take on these questions   


* * * * *

Don Chamberlayne, 2016