WorcesterThen: 1713-present


A History of Worcester in a Single Chart

Well, that may be a bit of an over-statement, but it makes the desired point, which is that this population chart provides a strong foundation for comprehending the big picture of Worcester’s development through the ages.


Four eras of Worcester’s  past and present:

1       Colonial &  Federal periods



2       Rise of the Industrial City




3       Depression, WW-2, and Post-War dislocation



4       Renewal and revitalization –  ongoing efforts

1713 through the early 1820s – as  the County Seat, a small, elite village center, with farms, mills, and the courthouse


Mid-1820s to about 1930;  railroads, steam-powered  industry, heavy industry of iron, wire, and machinery, yielding a “city of mechanics”


From the stock market crash of 1929 through WW-2 a city in stagnation, transportation and housing shifts contribute to an inner city in decline


About 1970 to the present – trying to preserve what is old and good while building anew


Don Chamberlayne