WorcesterThen: 1910



Men at work constructing Chamberlain Parkway


Vantage point: about where 38 Chamberlain Parkway now sits, looking downhill toward the southeast. The hill in the background, behind the house and barn, is Newton Hill.  The road heading uphill in front of the barn is South Lenox Street; the one closer is Tahanto Road.   The barn was removed to make way for Lenox, but the house was saved and substantially renovated, and is now 16 Morningside Road.  Note the workmen laying in the concrete of the street gullies, with the sidewalk spaces cleared and ready on the other side of what will become the grass and tree median strips. To the right is the steam powered concrete mixer. 


See LENOX: Residential development in Worcester in the early 20th century



Don Chamberlayne, 2016